As today’s workplace becomes increasingly competitive, impressions regarding competence, trust, and reliability are formed within seconds. A professional presence is absolutely essential for those who desire to accelerate and breakthrough.

However, businesses are expressing a growing concern with the lack of finesse and professional polish in their organizations. Industry leaders are becoming alarmed constantly observing their key people:

  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Demonstration of poor manners while in the presence of clients
  • Lack of table manners, communication skills in person, telephone, email and thank you notes.

Business is about first impressions and ongoing interactions. Employee’s appearances, attitude and behaviour are a direct reflection of your company and brand. Through mood, appearance and temperament, employees have the power to attract new clients and increase business or destroy your professional reputation and ranking

This program is designed to groom you for high exposure. Boost your social skills to get the best from every social or business event. Enhance your image and make the best impression at all times. Network and participate in meetings effectively. Mastery of etiquette norms eradicates social and professional blind spots.

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